These bread sticks are great for party’s or bread stick lovers. They are cheap, easy to make and taste better than shop bought yet still have the same crisp texture. Ingredients 200g Strong bread flour 150g Plain flour 25g Butter 2tbls Olive oil plus extra for brushing 1tsp Salt for dough plus extra to season […]

Making mash or making your Sunday roast can leave you with potato peelings. When ever I’m making a family dinner that requires potatoes I will most definitely make these to put the troops on until teas ready. Ingredients Potato peelings Oil for deep frying Salt Method Preheat your oil to high heat. Take your potato […]

These burgers are wrapped in back bacon and are perfect grilled, fried or on the bbq. Ingredients 450g Minced beef 1 large onion A clove of garlic Good Pinch of salt 8 Rashes of smoked back bacon A drizzle of oil Method Slice the onion finely and fry in the oil until they begin to […]

I make all sorts in my toasties machine it cost a fiver and would you believe it’s even none stick. my kit Since I don’t really like cheese in my toasties (due to over doing them as a pup) the novelty and capabilities of my kitch machine soon led it to a lonley life under […]

Just as with many of my favourite comfort foods, this recipe is basically bread. Baked in bun tins (the kind you bake fairy cakes in) with pesto swirled into the dough, you could sprinkle with cheese before you bake to make. I enjoy them fresh out of the oven dipped in Dairylea ( I can […]

Friday is always pancakes day in my house. I needent go on about how much I think pancakes are top drawer,  they just are ! Making your batter the night before makes them achievable for every day life. Ingredients 250g Plain flour 300ml Milk 2 Eggs 2tsp Bicarbonate of soda Pinch of salt A nob […]

Iced fingers are up there with one of my all time favourite childhood foods. Subsequently I’ve tried to master the art of the perfect finger. This recepi makes soft bread with a simple icing top. We have them for breakfast in our house as a treat. Fingers Ingredients 250g Strong white bread flour 250g Plain […]

These cookies remind me of a cookie shop I used to know and I happen to create this recipe whilst trying to create something completely different (lady cakes). They are still very good. You don’t have to stick to chocolate either nuts or dried fruit work in this recipe too. Ingredients 125g Soft butter 150g […]

I have been making these kebabs for years  and  they are delicious. You can make them spicy or not. Barbaque, grill or fry them. Served  with whatever you like. Ingredients 450g Minced beef 1 large clove of garlic 1 Green chilli (optional) 1 1/2 tsp of ground cumin 1/2tsp salt A handful of fresh chopped […]

After reading tons of recipes on the cheekerly topped tinned pineapple matter in hand it soon became apparent this was a retro cake many have enjoyed but few were still tasting. This recipe is relatively easy and cheap to make. Looks amazing with little effort. Ingredients 1 Small tin of pineapple rings 100g Brown sugar […]